The time to change is now

Hannah Nelson, Entertainment Editor

We hear these phrases a lot, the initiative to “go green” or to “reduce your footprint”. There is no debating that the issue of global warming is a hot topic. We have seen this issue arise with talks of a Green New Deal or get a metal straw to save a turtle. Regardless of which side you stand on, there is no denying that humans spoiled to the luxury of disposable products.

It isn’t about just wanting to save the planet It is about being aware of the impact we have as individuals. Have you ever taken the time to think about how much waste you produce? We have gotten spoiled by the products we use. We have learned to want things that are convenient versus the things that are sensible. We use disposable plates because it is easier than dishes. We use plastic bags so that we don’t have to remember our reusable ones every time we make a grocery run. In reality, it isn’t that hard for someone to wash a plate or remember a bag, it is just the fact we get set in our ways. We love the convenience and don’t want to change the things that make our lives easier. We have to remember that everything in this world that comes with a pro also comes with a con.

The fact is that people need to take on the feeling that one person does make a difference. What you do as a person has a direct effect. If every single person that thinks that their trash isn’t the problem changes their perspective, that is when we will change as a world. If every person in the world let the doubt of their impact limit their change then how would we ever grow at all?  

You don’t have to become a full minimalistic who only produces a jar of trash a year. However, you just need to think practically. Is buying a roll of paper towels every week really better than washing a dish rag? Is it that much more work to wash reusable cup for your coffee instead of throwing one away every morning? Consider those small things that are overall just making you spoiled.

Overall, if you can do something why don’t you? This is an issue that can take on themselves and can’t rely on the government to take control of. So, go ahead and use that metal straw, reusable shopping bag and produce bags. A small change in our lifestyles today could mean a huge change for the people of tomorrow. There is a serious need for people to stop asking what the planet can do for them, but what they can do for the planet.