Athlete Spotlight: Miller talks about becoming a buff

 Torrey Miller can be seen on the court during the week helping the lady buffs to victory. However, the freshman, right side can also be spotted hitting the books.

Freshman, Torrey Miller receives MVP award.

“It’s been really tough because I’m really new to it… we have like study halls on the bus and stuff like that so it’s really easy to get work done,” Miller said. 

Miller recently received MVP honors at the Lady Buff Classic tournament. 

She’s a little ahead of her time as far as just what she’s doing physically on the court. As a teammate, she is a ton of fun, she’s hilarious,” head volleyball coach, Kendra Potts, said. 

Coach Potts also discussed the importance of school work and how student athletes manage to maintain staying on top of their academics while being involved with athletics. 

“As a staff and you know, the athletic department, we try to help them with juggling and a lot of that is preparation, we have to do a lot of planning,” said Potts. “If we can be ahead of the game, then that helps them you know, not feel overwhelmed.” 

Miller is credited with being an encouragement both on and off the court. 

“She’s very outgoing and she cares about the girls. She always gives advice and encouragement on the court,” freshman, middle blocker, Katrina Johnson, said. 

Miller appreciates the strong sense of community not only within the team, but the supporters and fans that cheer them to victory. 

“Everyone is really behind us. Like, it’s amazing how many boosters come and support us. They came all the way to Colorado just to watch us so that’s really awesome. It really feels like home,” said Miller. “My teammates really awesome and the coaching staff made me feel really welcome.”

Miller began playing volleyball and learned to love the game at a young age. 

“I started playing in the seventh grade, so like when I was 12,” said Miller. 

Miller is a native of Brownwood and didn’t find the transition from there to Canyon very difficult. 

“It’s a really small town, kind of like Canyon. It felt like I never left home whenever I came here,” said Miller.

Miller and the rest of the lady buffs will be in action again on Friday, September 26 against St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas.