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Farewell letter from the 106th Student Body President

Darcy Lively

Dear Buffaloes,

With a mix of emotions, I am writing my final letter to you as my tenure as Student Body President concludes on May 11, 2024. Reflecting on the brief yet impactful year I have had serving you fills me with affection and gratitude for the honor given to me. While my term comes to an end, I trust that the incoming administration, led by President-Elect Kyal Browne, will diligently continue our work and serve you well. As I near the conclusion of my role as the 106th President of the Student Body, I am struck by the remarkable journey we have shared. Serving you, advocating for your needs, and witnessing the vibrant spirit of community that characterizes West Texas A&M University has been an immense privilege and honor.

When I first addressed you, I spoke of our shared mission to create a new legacy, to embrace challenges, and to make a meaningful impact on our campus and beyond: Juntos, creating a new legacy.” As this chapter draws to a close, I wish to reflect on the milestones and initiatives that have marked this year, shaped by your voices in Student Government. Please refer to the bottom of this letter for a comprehensive list of our accomplishments and initiatives. It has been an unforgettable year, and I am confident that the efforts of SGA, alongside those of numerous exceptional student organizations, have left a permanent mark on our University. Serving as your Student Body President has been the greatest honor of my life, and I am profoundly grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you for enriching my experience, but more importantly, thank you for your love and dedication to this University.

The student government association posing together. (Jordan Conde)

Throughout this journey, I have been continually inspired by the passion and dedication of our Student Government team. While there are too many names to list here, each of you knows who you are. Your commitment to academic excellence, your determination to effect change, and your support for one another have truly set you apart. It has been a privilege to witness your growth, to learn from your experiences, and to stand united with you as we improve the student experience together.

As I prepare to pass the torch to the next generation of student leaders, I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you, the students. Thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility of serving as your voice, your advocate, and your ally. And most importantly, thank you for being the heart and soul of our University community.

As you continue your journey at West Texas A&M University and beyond, I encourage you to hold fast to the values that define us as Buffaloes: integrity, resilience, and a commitment to excellence. Never forget the impact that you can have, both individually and collectively, and never doubt the power of your voice to effect change.

May you continue to pursue your dreams with courage and conviction, knowing that you carry with you the proud legacy of WT.

Con sincero agradecimiento y los más cálidos saludos,

Filiberto Avila, 106th Student Body President
West Texas A&M University


2023-2024 Student Government Association of West Texas A&M University
Key Accomplishments:
Addressing Food Insecurity: Initiated efforts to establish The Market on Tierra Blanca to combat food insecurity on campus.
Mental Health Support: Collaborated with Counseling Services to re-establish the Active Minds WT Chapter, prioritizing mental health awareness.
International Student Forum: Organized a forum to address concerns specific to international students.
Support for First-Generation Students: Partnered with F1RSTGEN to highlight National First-Gen College Student Day.
Strengthening Greek Life: Organized the Greek Life Networking Night, fostering stronger relationships within the Greek community, and conducted meetings with Greek life chapters to understand community dynamics.
Promoting SGA Visibility: Collaborated with Academic Digital Marketing to enhance the visibility of SGA initiatives, improved the SGA website to better serve as a resource for students.
Facility-related Concerns: Held regular meetings with the Facilities Board to address student concerns regarding campus facilities.
Engagement with Transfer Students: Hosted “Transfer Talk: Lunch with the Student Body President” to engage with transfer students and address their needs.
Comprehensive Representation: Ensured representation and advocacy for various student groups through the President’s Advisory Council.
Educational Initiatives: Established the new Higher Education Review in the Student Senate to inform decision-making on higher education issues.
Membership Growth and Outreach: Implemented effective marketing strategies resulting in increased Student Senate membership and a significant boost in social media engagement.
Student Worker Incentive Program: Established the Student Worker Incentive Program Committee to recognize student workers.
Continued Support for Free Feminine Hygiene Products: Maintained the provision of free feminine hygiene products through Bird Scooters and other channels.
Election Participation: Witnessed strong participation in Homecoming elections, with over 1200 votes, and Spring General Elections, with over 650 votes.
Parking Ticket Appeals: Received over 115 appeals for parking citations, showcasing increased student awareness of their rights.
Comprehensive Student Services: Advocated for student interests across various areas including health, dining, and transportation, and maintained proactive communication with the student body.
University Representation: Appointed committee members to various University committees, ensuring student representation in decision-making processes.

Student Body President, Filiberto Avila poses with WTAMU President, Dr. Walter Wendler. (Darcy Lively)

Recognition and Awards: Received the Outstanding Organization of the Year award, a recognition we haven’t received since 2012-2013.
Legislative Achievements: Passed several bills and resolutions.
Community Engagement Events: Participated in community events such as the Gold Diamond and Buff Reunion, hosted the annual UPD Appreciation Day, and introduced “SGA Talks” to facilitate dialogue between local political candidates and the student population.
State of the Student Body Address: Delivered the State of the Student Body Address to highlight the collective efforts of the Student Government, WT, the Chancellor’s Student Advisory Council, and the A&M System in enhancing the student experience.

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