Young christians denounce doctrine of the street preacher

Photo by Savannah Wesley
Cross Country Evangelism speakers wave sign at the Barbara Kerr Vaughn Pedestrian Mall


West Texas A&M University students gathered across the Buffalo Fountain around 12 p.m. on Wednesday at the Barbara Kerr Vaughn  pedestrian mall to confront with a street preacher affiliated with the ministry, Cross Country Evangelism. A ministry that travels across the nation to spread christianity through the form of preaching “out loud” in the middle of big crowds.

What attracted the attention of students was a sign that said “Evolution is a lie,” and threats of damnation made against students walking around the area. Mike Stockwell, one of the two preachers speaking in front of the crowd, says it’s a way to draw crowds. 

Stockwell also says this was his first time preaching at WTAMU. “I believe we’re having a great interaction here. These are people are thinking ahead about the Word of God about how Jesus Christ can save and that he’s the only way to salvation,” he said. Meanwhile, for those who want to find a church, check out

Not only does Stockwell want interaction with the student body, but he says that he cares about their souls. “They may not care about their own soul, but I do because they’re created in the image of God. And I don’t want them to die and stand before the God that they know exists. I want them to be at peace with God through Christ,” Stockwell said. 

However, many students responded  in a contrary manner as they were cursing at Stockwell. One notable response, was when a Christian student said to Stockwell in the middle of the debate that his only sin was thinking that the preacher was an [expletive] idiot.

Mike Stockwell also criticized the LGBTQ  by stating that community’s values justify pedophilia. “The LGBT’s have hijacked ‘love is love’ because now they can say it doesn’t matter who you love– Homosexuality is lust, it’s not love, love is demonstrated at the cross,” Stockwell said. 

Stockwell also criticized society for accepting abortion as medical standard instead of issuing it as murder. “Why would a child who did nothing wrong except be born and now the mother is gonna kill him– That’s crazy, this is the society we live in,” he said.  

Colton Davis, a junior who is majoring in ag business & economics, attended the gathering. He was born into a Lutheran household and saved at birth.  “I entirely disagree with his approach; I think we’re called to baptize and make disciples– He has every right to be out here preaching, that’s not only his first amendment right but his call as an ordained job by God- -but I think he is [spouting] a false doctrine,” Davis said. 

Another Christian student that found himself arguing with Stockwell was Carson Mitchell, a freshman majoring in business marketing, who said that the presentation is not doing anything good for Christianity. “People that see this that have never been to church or experienced God will write off Christianity as insane,” Mitchell said. He was also critical of how Stockwell accused the student of not being Christian for cursing. “I think it’s a pretty known thing amongst Christians and Non-Christians that people are not sinless, perfect beings,” Mitchell said. 

Despite the dispute, the students as well as the speaker value the concept of free speech. Stockwell went on to say that he thinks that if people start saying that we can’t say some things then we’re losing free speech. “This is great, even though it bothered me as a Christian– if they want to be here everyday, different preachers or atheists want to come I mean that’s their free speech as an American or a Human being,” Mitchell said. 

by Rafael Flores
AG Business Major, Colton Davis argues with speaker, Mike Stockwell.