Artists of WTAMU

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  • The WTAMU Art Club meets every Tuesday in Mary Moody Northern Hall.

  • The students had a number of impressive pieces to show.

  • The members of the Art Club as well as the other art majors were prepping for a group show on April 3rd.

  • Students in the Art Club brought their own pieces to be critiqued by their peers.

  • Art majors must prep for a group show in which some of their pieces will be submitted and displayed at the Amarillo Museum of Art.

  • The WTAMU Art club includes many different types of art students such as graphic designers and sculptures.

  • The School of Music and the Department of Art, Theatre and Dance are just two departments in the Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts but play a major role in nurturing future artists.

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West Texas A&M University boasts a large pool of artistic talent. From musicians, artists, and dancers, to actors, singers, and poets. The Department of English, Philosophy and Modern Languages hosts numerous events each year dedicated to helping young poets and creative writers come into their own and hone their unique style. It also has a creative writing journal, where one can peruse the works of WTAMU’s best writers and poets from all departments and ages.
This is a sampling of the uniquely Panhandle-flavored poetry WTAMU has taken in, shaped and sent off. It is a poem by Jonathon Crump, a WTAMU alumni, who graduated in the Fall semester of 2019.

2005, Jeep Liberty

“You probably think I am a careful driver.
But I only go under the speed limit
when giving you a ride.
I’d like to say it’s for your safety.
Really, it’s just to generate another selfish minute,
maybe two,
where I can sit beside you,
hear you speak.
We’ve done this so many times.
I’ve learned how to dodge
that pothole
and next to which tree
I should start braking.
We’ve seen construction crews
build buildings we’ll never enter.
And barefoot sorority girls
walk back to their dorms,
tall heels hanging from their hands.
We’ve seen sunsets sweat gold and flaunt purple.
I saw the way they deified you.
Blessing your skin with evening light\;
a goddess riding shotgun.
Parked, we finish our conversation
about an album or a movie,
work or homework.
I hope you can hear
the regret in my goodbye
as you get out of my car.
I wish you could hear
the things I tell you
you shut the door.”