WT media students earn seven TIPA awards in 2020

Texas Intercollegiate Press Association was formed in 1909 and has been serving collegiate student journalism since its formation.

Photo courtesy of TIPA webpage

Texas Intercollegiate Press Association was formed in 1909 and has been serving collegiate student journalism since its formation.

Media students at West Texas A&M University earned seven awards from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) in the Previously Published category.

“I’m beyond thrilled that I along with my colleagues were able to place at TIPA,” said Alyssa Gonzales, a senior broadcast journalism major and sports editor for The Prairie News.

Media organizations encouraged students to submit works published in the past year back in December to be judged and ranked at the state level. Such organizations included The Prairie News, Eternal Flame and Buffalo Advertising. Works had to be published and match one of the many categories offered by the competition.

“I’m so proud of The Prairie News staff. We’ve put in so much work and dedication into this semester and being rewarded for it makes it worth even more,” Gonzales said.

The annual TIPA convention scheduled to be held in Corpus Christi from March 25-28 was cancelled amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Award winners were announced via email on April 20.

In a press release sent out by the Department of Communication, the awards were announced and among the awards in the Division 4 were four first-place earned, one second-place, and two third-place. The specific awards for the Previously Published category are as follows:
First place, electronic reporting, feature news reporting- audio, Alyssa Gonzales
First place, visual reporting, cartoon strip/panel, Jonah Dietz
First place, visual reporting, sports action photo, Alyssa Gonzales
First place, production, advertising campaign, Buffalo Advertising
Second place, electronic reporting, multimedia story, Ceasar Escalante & Savannah Wesley
Third place, narrative reporting, breaking news, Olivia Spiezio
Third place, narrative reporting, feature story, Jonah Dietz

“This award means so much to the 2018-2019 WT Buffalo Advertising team. The students worked tirelessly on their ‘Be a Dog Person’ campaign for Wienerschnitzel over two semesters and during their entire spring break.” Dr. Mary Liz Brook, Buffalo Advertising adviser said. “It’s that type of dedication that generates successful results including recognition from TIPA.”

TIPA, established in 1909, is the oldest state collegiate press association in the nation and has grown to be one of the largest and most respected collegiate groups in the country. Annual Previously Published contests include newspaper, general magazine, literary magazine, radio, television, yearbook and online. Deadline for entries submission is Dec. 23. For more information visit http://texasipa.org/

If students want to publish content so that they may participate in next years TIPA competition, contact The Prairie News or submit works to [email protected].