Late Charlotte Han sharp honored with Merit scholarship

Late Charlotte Sharp being honored with a Merit scholarship here at WTAMU.

Photo courtesy of the Texas A&M University system News Release

Late Charlotte Sharp being honored with a Merit scholarship here at WTAMU.

The late Charlotte Sharp, wife of Chancellor John Sharp of the Texas A&M University system will be remembered and honored through The Charlotte Han Sharp University Merit Scholarship Endowment at West Texas A&M University.

“So, I think there are two ways that the Charlotte Sharp University Merit Scholarship Endowment will have impact. You’ve mentioned the first one, if there are funds, to award merit scholarships to undergrad students, that is no small impact. The second is it…this endowment will serve as an example and hopefully motivation for others to do something similar either in honor of or in memory of someone who they care about here at the university,” said Vice President for Philanthropy and External Relations, Dr. Todd Rasberry.

WTAMU has put aside $25,000 for this merit scholarship. However, donations and contributions are still coming in.

“ We committed $25,000 and then we’re receiving donations now and I haven’t checked recently. But you know, they’re coming in, you know, people are making contributions. Because Chancellor Sharp, in previous Comptroller Sharp and Senator Sharp and many other public service roles that he’s held an important public service roles. Charlotte has been right there with helping and doing the things that she has done. And she’s made many contributions on her own, towards the betterment of the state of Texas through various things that she was involved in,” President of West Texas A&M University, Dr. Walter Wendler said.

This merit scholarship can help students with the price of attending university and can hopefully produce successful graduates from all different programs WTAMU has to offer.

“The Sharps together have led the system in remarkable ways. But in particularly, both Chancellor Sharp and Charlotte have invested in WT and so Dr. Wendler wanting to recognize that and show our great appreciation for what they did by establishing the scholarship”, Dr. Rasberry said.

The love and support that both John Sharp and the late Charlotte Sharp have showed the WTAMU family. This merit scholarship may be a somber one in honor of losing a great person but perhaps this can be seen as a respectful acknowledgement of her legacy.

“Charlotte’s work to provide opportunities for all young Texans defined her life. This is a very fitting, and touching, tribute to her. I am grateful to all involved in making this new scholarship a reality,” Chancellor of Texas A&M University system John Sharp said.