Art students at West Texas A&M University design Mural


Victoria Fatiregun

A picture of the completed Art Mural wall in The Prairie Newsroom designed by WTAMU art students. (Photo taken on Tuesday October 26 2021)

Emily Merrill and Adam Jiwa

The following video details the art students on campus creating the murals. The mural in The Prairie Newsroom is now finished and the video showcases an example of the mural.

The art students have worked hard on the murals and they have taken their time to design them, working early mornings and late nights, as has been detailed in the previous story linked at the bottom of the article.

The Prairie Newsroom mural wall looks beautiful and the picture is linked below. This has been a weeks-long project that The Prairie team has enjoyed watching the process of and are also happy with the completion.

The mural designs are elaborate, which goes to show the intensity of the work and the tenacity it takes to create such beautiful pieces of art.

There is surely talent at West Texas A&M University and the murals also showcase the heart of where they are located.

Such as the one in The Prairie Newsroom with the First Amendment.

There will be other murals being created on campus and the art students will continue to work hard to impress WTAMU students with their brilliant designs, teamwork and innovation.

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  • A picture highlighting the wall before any print was issued. Photo taken by Victoria Fatiregun on Tuesday October 5.

  • The mathematics behind the art design, picture taken by Victoria Fatiregun on Tuesday Oct. 5 2021.

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