Why is the JBK important?


Victoria Fatiregun

Student Success Center at West Texas A&M University in which students can go for advise on their classes. Picture taken by Victoria Fatiregun on Nov. 15 2021

The Jack B. Kelly Student Center is a place where faculty, staff and students can hang out to enjoy themselves while they eat lunch at Chick-fil-A, Which Wich or Starbucks. There are plenty of seats and there are sounds of hustle and bustle. The Student Success Center is also there, which is important for allowing students to ask questions and get some advice. The following story is an interview with Digna Eze, a junior pre-med biology major who works at the Student Success Center. Eze discusses the importance of the JBK and her job including how her work intersects with other departments within the JBK.

Q: What is your role at the JBK Student Success Center?

A: “I work in the hub, the advising services and basically all we do is help students get settled. If they have a problem with a class, they would come to us.”

Q: How do the different offices in the JBK, the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership, and the Student Success Center intersect?

A: “It is intersected with each other because we are trying to help the students. If the whole school was a cell, the JBK is the mitochondria, the powerhouse.”

Q: Why do you think the JBK as a whole is important?

“If the whole school was a cell, the JBK is the mitochondria, the powerhouse.”

— Digna Eze

A: “Most people come from home and so those people that don’t live on campus can meet in the JBK. You can hurry down for lunch, you talk, figure out some homework problems. It is a place for everybody to meet each other.”

The JBK can be found at the center of campus, in which Chick-fil-A, Pony Express Burritos, Starbucks, Which Wich and the Pod are housed. As Eze said, the JBK is the powerhouse of West Texas A&M University.