WT’s multipurpose leader: Leroy Aleman II

Leadership is an attribute some college students crave or learn. For others, it is an inherent attribute. Leroy Aleman II is a junior political science major who is involved in student government as a senator, a Rogers Lead member and a member of The Sound of West Texas Buffalo Marching Band.

As a first-generation college student, Aleman had the support of his family when switching majors from music to political science due to the passion he had to impact people.

“It was a passion that I took up in high school, though I was not student body president,” Aleman said. “I still was able to be treasurer or secretary and historian in order to influence and impact my fellow students’ lives.”

Two of Aleman’s band directors in high school graduated from WT in 2016. They took him along to music gigs around his high school. His passion for music then led him to follow in his band directors’ footsteps to study music at WT, until he switched to political science.

“I wanted to be more involved with the public,” Aleman said. My thought was just to serve the public and make sure that everyone is getting what they are needing. This goes back to the impact I wanted to make, be it in a district or town.”

Alleman believes the experiences he has gained in politics since high school have helped him build relationships and networks because he meets people from all over the world.

As a member of student government, Aleman echoed his primary responsibility to students to make sure that every voice is heard.

“We want to help the students,” Aleman said. “The students should be our number one priority, but other people wanted different changes. Student government should be pro-students but also have that bridge that connects the professional staff and faculty on campus and the students.”

Aleman is involved in Greek life and is the vice president of Mu Phi Epsilon. He explains what Greek life stands for and the benefits it offers students.

“I will describe it as a bond and there’s different Greek lives. I am involved in a music fraternity which is different from other types of sororities,” Aleman said. “It is a bond. A connection between your passion and the connections made with other members of that fraternity.”

Pertaining to hobbies, Aleman loves to play music and video games.

As last words, Aleman addressed the current invasion of Ukraine by Russia. He encouraged all WT students from both countries to reach out for help when they need it.

“To all the students who are from Ukraine or Russia, I want you to know that WT is truly a safe place for you to be,” Aleman said. “We want you to know that we are here for you and we want you to feel safe. We encourage you to reach out to anyone that you may know, be it campus services or even your professor. We want you to get the care and support that you need.”