What will WT students be doing over the summer?

The semester is almost ending, and students of West Texas A&M University are making plans for the summer. From internships to summer jobs, traveling or just recuperating at home, the summer is one of the favorite seasons of people in the U.S.

CampusGroups gives examples of things college students could do during their summer breaks. Top on the list is learning a new skill to enrich your resume. It has become a trend for employers to choose prospective applicants who have more skills.

Other suggestions CampusGroups gave included indulging in hobbies or trying out new ones, getting an internship or summer job, volunteering, studying abroad, planning a budget for the next school year, turning a weakness into a strength and reviewing notes.

For many college students, getting some money to pay bills or afford some items in online shopping carts play a key role in how they spend their summer.

“I just plan on going back to Colorado and working over the summer to earn some cash for the next semester,” said Jonathan Arthur, a freshman English major. “I will be spending whatever time I am not doing that relaxing and getting ready for whatever comes next year.”

Ali Rivera is a senior digital communication and media major who plans to spend her summer furthering her career.

“I need to do an internship because I am a senior and I need one to graduate,” Rivera said. “I have a couple of side jobs that I have gotten through the Department of Communication that are paying well, so I am looking forward to basically working through the summer and getting all those things done.”

Some students also like to have a combination of work, fun and family time. Olivia Williams is a senior sports and exercise sciences major combining sports, her needs and those of her family during the summer.

“I am coaching my first basketball team for a summer organization and I am really excited for that,” Williams said. “Also, my dad is getting married this summer so we will be going to a wedding, and I have a big trip planned with my girlfriends to Costa Rica.”

One advantage of having such a long break from school is that you get to take care of yourself and accomplish goals, visit places and get involved in things that interest you.

“This summer, I am mostly going to be working to get ready for school over at the Panhandle-Plains Museum,” said Faith Morrison, a junior music teaching certificate (EC-12) major. “I will also be getting ready for my senior year.”

If you are still wondering how to make your summer break more interesting, there are many things to choose from to make your summer fun!