Residential Learning Communities are coming in Fall 2022

West Texas A&M University is starting Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) in Fall 2022. The RLCs will house students with similar academic, social and cultural interests in the same dorms. There are benefits to RLCs that allow students to play a dynamic role in the WT community.

Incoming freshmen in the fall will have the opportunity to live with their peers, as the RLCs will be combined with an Elementary Group Dynamics course (IDS). The IDS courses will cater towards teaching incoming students about problem solving in group situations.

Jeff Sulik, senior director of Residential Living, discussed the benefits of RLCs and what incoming freshmen and other students can look forward to.

“[RLCs] are a pilot program that pairs living in a residence hall with an academic class,” Sulik said. “There’s lots of research that shows that making these pairings are beneficial for students.”

Victory Omietimi, a junior nursing major, believes there are benefits of having freshmen live together.

“It’s a good opportunity for the students to get to know each other,” Omietimi said. “The community is stronger, and [they] can be more excited about the college experience.”

If the RLCs are successful, the program may partner with departments such as the College of Engineering or the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

“The goal is to expand [RLCs] and we have had preliminary conversations with different academic departments,” Sulik said. “If there are academic programs that are interested, we would be happy to partner with them.”

Omietimi is excited about the potential of future residential communities to house majors together, especially as a nursing major.

“I think it would be amazing,” Omietimi said. “That feeling of solidarity is more interesting and fun having people around you going through the same thing.”

To learn more about Residential Learning Communities, visit the WT website or contact Residential Living.