Opinion: fall sickness, how to keep yourself well during fall


Stethoscope image, showing a doctor’s equipment when seeing patients. (Photo/Pixabay)

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Fall began on Sept 22. 2022. Have you heard the coughs and sneezes on campus? I have listened to them. A lot of people get sick during fall, and I want to help those people who may be susceptible to illness. Here are 7 tips for keeping yourself well during the autumn season, during which we can get rain or cold. This is the article for you.

Tip #1: Invest in a cold pack.

You can get one from Amazon, which promises to relieve your pain, swelling, toothache and more. In the fall, you are more likely to get sick because of the weather changes. It gets hot, and then it gets cold. You may begin to cough more or have a runny nose. A cold pack allows you to mitigate some of your symptoms. It’s not the perfect solution, but it is a start.

Tip #2: Buy Kleenex

Please invest in some Kleenex. Once the nose starts running, sometimes it never stops. You can purchase different types of Kleenex, which will allow your nose to feel soft once you decide to blow it. There is Kleenex with a soothing lotion, antiviral Kleenex and with cooling lotion.

Tip #3: Take some Vitamins

Many different vitamins can help you during the fall. There are 13 essential vitamins in total. According to the National Library of Medicine, Vitamin D and C are promising for fighting the common cold. Investing in these will mean that if you get sick, you’ll be able to either prevent or control the symptoms from any colds or illnesses you get.

Tip #4: Visit your doctor.

Student Medical Services offers appointments to students in which they can be sure to find qualified practitioners of medicine. You do not have to suffer alone. Medical professionals are there for you. Even if you aren’t feeling sick, regular check-ups are essential. This will ensure your body is working correctly.

Tip #5: Drink something hot.

In the fall, Starbucks offers Pumpkin Spice lattes and many other hot drinks. If you are not a fan of Starbucks, you can go to the locations that delight you and buy something hot. As much as we love Frappuccinos, they will not help a cold.

Tip #6: Invest in a heated blanket.

A heated blanket will keep you warm in bed, and depending on where you live, you will always be able to stay warm no matter the temperature.

Tip #7: Rest if you are sick.

If you are sick, stay at home and give your body the time it needs to relax. You may have assignments, but get yourself a doctor’s note and inform your professors that you are not feeling well. Health is wealth.

Ultimately, fall is a time when a lot of people have been getting sick, and while this article focuses on bodily illnesses, you may also be depressed. Our Editor-in-Chief wrote an article about how to help your mental health as well, so check it out if you are feeling down. Keep safe everyone, and have a good fall. I really hope people are able to keep themselves happy and healthy.