Behind the major with Jami Allison: Helping others


Jami Allison

Jami Allison is a senior English education major at West Texas A&M University. Allison is from Dumas, Texas, and attends WT because it is close to home and has an excellent reputation for education degrees.

Allison’s passion for English education began after knowing she wanted to help others succeed through education and in social aspects.

“I honestly just want to help make people successful,” Allison said. “I don’t just want to help in the education aspect; I want to help in the social aspect as well.”

As Allison grew up, lack of teacher support made school more complicated. Allison wants to support students in ways she wished she was supported.

“I started college as an accounting major, but then that ironically started looking like a foreign language to me,” Allison said. “So, I went to my friends for advice, and they said that I’d be a good teacher, so I chose to be an English teacher.”

Once Allison realized pursuing accounting was not for her, she was directed towards teaching, which immediately clicked. She specifically has the desire to teach high schoolers.

“My favorite thing [about being an English education major] is that it’s my strong suit,” Allison said. “However, my least favorite part is that all of your classes pile on a lot of work at the same time, so you never have time to do anything else.”

Allison’s decision to pursue English makes more sense to her as it is a class she finds that comes naturally. Even through the endless amount of work, majoring in English education is something Allison would not change. Aside from classes, Allison is a part of Phi Theta Kappa and 1330. She also enjoys hanging out with her friends.

“My favorite thing about WT is the atmosphere and the people because the people here are really nice, and the campus is a calming and safe place.”

Allison believes you should always listen to yourself and follow your dreams.

“You should never give up and always follow your dreams. Never let anything stop you or let anything get in your way because no matter what, you can achieve what you put your mind to.”