Behind the major with Jeanine Fabbri: Informing others through the media


Jeanine Fabbri.

Jeanine Fabbri is a junior working towards her bachelor of art while majoring in digital journalism at West Texas A&M University. Fabbri is from Canadian, Texas, and is working hard at achieving her goals by sharing her love of media with others.

Fabbri fell in love with digital media from a young age and knew she wanted a similar career to those she admired online. However, her desire became more intense when she realized the different aspects and paths of digital journalism, which made her feel elated.

“I want to become an entertainment reporter,” Fabbri said. “I love the arts, fashion and the entertainment aspect of journalism, so that’s the area I decided to focus on.”

Digital journalism is “a contemporary form of journalism where editorial content is distributed via the internet as opposed to publishing via print or broadcast.” Journalism prepares students for professional careers in journalism, broadcast journalism, technical and online writing, running social media, public relations, marketing and several other career fields.

“My favorite thing about my major is the certain rush you feel from all the learning,” Fabbri said. “You learn new facts, listen to people tell a story and know that you’re reaching large groups of people all on a rushed deadline.”

Entertainment reporters are responsible for covering the entertainment part of the news. They must reach a large target audience because most people rely on entertainment reporters to provide their daily media coverage.

“That’s a hard question, but I just love WT,” Fabbri said. “First of all, it’s a great school, especially with what I am studying, but when I toured campus and the Fine Arts Building, Dr. Trudy Hanson, who retired back in 2020, just made me feel so welcomed. Then I noticed the amount of equipment that the department has, which can be so beneficial for me in the future. I’m just so fortunate to be able to be in a school with so many resources and has amazing professors who can help you reach your goals; that’s something that’s harder to experience at a bigger university.”

At WT, Fabbri has been able to explore her creativity, access professional equipment, practice vital skills regarding her future profession and build relationships with professors. The WT campus is a place where Fabbri feels rejuvenated and warm through the architecture and community.

“My favorite thing about WT is the campus,” Fabbri said. “It’s a diverting place to be around, the buildings have a history with a modern feeling and there’s always the exposure of meeting new people.”

Fabbri has taken part in several aspects around campus. She’s a part of media minds, a digital agency in WT primarily tasked with promoting WT and its programs. Her specific role within media minds as a videographer allows her to create high-quality coursework videos for WT and its different colleges to help produce ads for each department. Fabbri is most engaged as a videographer for the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business. She is also a contributor for The Prairie News. Outside of school, Fabbri works at Makie Black Boutique and enjoys watching movies, hanging out with friends, sleeping and visiting new restaurants.

Fabbri believes you should always have confidence and faith in whatever you would like to do.

“Have a lot of confidence and faith because if you put it out there, then you will attract precisely what you want.”