WT’s Spanish Film Club

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Local News Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

Local News Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

The Spanish Film Club is unlike many other clubs on campus, because people can come and go as they wish. Another attribute of the Spanish Film Club is they are allowed to bring their families and children, so they too can watch the movie and participate in the discussion afterward.

WTAMU has a Spanish Film Club where the public is welcome to come and watch a traditional Spanish movie. After the movie, the club discusses the movie with Dr. Oscar Santos-Sopena, a Spanish assistant professor at WT.

“It’s a time when we can get together and watch classical Spanish movies, and later discuss them,” Dr. Santos-Sopena said.

“I like seeing how people reacted during certain times of periods,” said Tyler King, senior Spanish Major. “I liked how the films relate to Hispanic society.”

The latest film they saw was on Oct. 1, which was Muerte De Un Ciclista, which translates to death of a cyclist. In the film, two lovers strike a cyclist. Terrified that their love affair will be exposed, they leave the cyclist to die. Suspicions start to arise and the lovers’ lives start to crumble as they feel guilt over what they did.

“The editing was very intelligent, and the scenes were really pretty,” Miranda Parman, senior Spanish major, said.

Dr. Santos-Sopena also has a class, Spanish 4385 Hispanic Film: Visions and Fictions, which ties in with the Spanish Film Club. It is three credits, and the class talks about Spanish culture and also watches Spanish Films.

The next film that the Spanish Film Club will be showing is El Espiritu De La Colmena, which will be on Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. in the Classroom Center, Room 314.