Restore Kimbrough Stadium’s Glory


Nick Alvarado

WT will look to bring back the Wagon Wheel back to Canyon when they host Eastern New Mexico on Saturday, Sept. 30

Austin Heinen, Former Associate Editor

Dear Buff Nation, we have some business to discuss.

Before I begin I must say, West Texas A&M University is blessed with fantastic facilities. Sure, some of them are not brand new, but our facilities uphold some of the greatest traditions, great teams, and we also some very exceptional coaches. Most sports I’d say attendances and participation have been solid. As for crowds and participation at basketball and especially football games, well to put it nicely Buff Nation, not so much.

Except for the Maroon Platoon, Kimbrough Stadium has not nearly been the place it is capable of being. Back to the point of counting our blessings, we have one of the biggest stadium in division two. Which is cool and all, but if we only bring in 6,500 people, which has so far been our best attendance this season and does not even fill one side of the stands, what good is a stadium that holds 22,000?

According to Steve Williams of the athletic department at Canyon ISD, the attendance for the last Randall high school game was about 8,000 people. WT’s best game attendance after three games is a little over 6,500, 6,579 to be exact according to

I understand high school football is a big thing and Randall is a class 5A school but still, think about that for a moment. A high school’s attendance is currently out doing a NCAA division two university. Not a good image, Buff fans. As the PA announcer would say before each game “Let’s get this place rocking.” So far Kimbrough has been anything but rocking. It’s been disappointing.

There should be plenty of excitement after all. We have a new coach who knows what it takes to win a national title, as he has accomplished it with arguably one the best defenses in recent history. In addition, it is Wagon Wheel week and I, like many others, want that wheel back in Canyon.

On a side note, those of you who went to the Wagon Wheel game last year may remember the “sportsmanship” the greyhounds gave us during our visit last year. Due to certain regulations, I cannot repeat certain gestures, words and actions hosting fans in Portales, N.M. Ask a player or a member of the Maroon Platoon for details on that. I will leave it at this, after remembering last year, that alone would get fired up.

If there was or is a good time fix this attendance issue, now would be a good time. As you may know a new stadium will be opening in 2019. Meaning, as of now, this will be the last Wagon Wheel game at Kimbrough Stadium.

Really though it is just a matter of being there for your team. Think of it this way, if you are a recruit and you see Kimbrough, the thought might be “wow this place is huge, this would be an awesome place to come to.” Then gameday comes and the stadium is perhaps a third full. After seeing that, the recruit’s mindset is likely to change very quickly because recruits do not like empty stadiums.

If Buff football is going to return to its recent past glory days, we the fans, have a responsibility as well. If fans do not get excited for the football program how is a recruit going to get excited. That is not to say our current athletes do not care. They work hard, and thus also another reason why attendance should be up. Reward these athletes for their hard work.

So, Buff Nation. I challenge you. I challenge you to come and support your team. I challenge to pack “The Brough”, the “Buff Bowl”, whatever nick name you give it. I challenge you not to just support the Buffs when they do well, but to be there as the team builds a new era. I challenge you to show up and cheer for you Buffs not just until halftime but the whole game. I don’t think it’s too hard of a challenge. It has been done before bout five years ago. I challenge you Buff Nation, make Kimbrough Stadium great again.