Dr. Emily Kinsky named Adobe Education Leader


Dr. Emily Kinsky, associate professor for the Department of Communication was named an Adobe Education Leader.

Dr. Emily Kinsky, associate professor of the Department of Communication, was named by the Adobe Education Team as an Adobe Education Leader (AEL).

“It means a lot to me, because I use this program so much and see how valuable they are and what kind of doors that opens up to people who learn how to use these tools, and sort of be able to get more direct access to some of these tools and to get to test them out before they become public is really exciting,” said Kinsky. 

Adobe Education Leaders use Adobe tools assist in the development of a student’s skills in creative problem solving and critical thinking. Adobe Education leader is someone who is in a position to lead in their community or on their campus, or both. These people are familiar with or use Adobe and have to have an in depth knowledge of at least one program. 

“Dr. Kinsky is continual interested in learning in order to give students the latest creative and  technology experiences,” said Kim Bruce, associate lecturer of media communication and co-adviser of 1910 PR with Kinsky. “So, this opportunity with Adobe is a perfect fit for her and quite a benefit to us as faculty and to all our media communication students.” 

Those that are chosen for the position are usually in a leadership position to be able to lead others and share their knowledge with others. AELs need to be willing to test out adobe products, give feedback, and will often sign a non-disclosure agreement, letting them know that they will view products and innovations that aren’t public yet.

“She talked to [1910 PR] students about the Adobe experience this last summer, and I could tell they were interested and inspired,” said Bruce. 

Kinsky was one of 36 educators that joined this year. These educators range from those who teach kindergarten through 12th grade and those who teach higher education. Once AELs finish their first year in the program, they are able to reapply for the next year.

“Dr. Kinsky is such a hard worker. Her work ethic is something I try to emulate in my professional and personal life. She is willing to go above and beyond for her students, no matter what,” said Mallory Grimm, sophomore advertising and public relations major and executive director of 1910 PR, the student-ran public relations firm on campus. 

With Kinsky becoming an AEL, the faculty and students within the Communication Department can benefit from now having access to resources offered by the Adobe Education Group. These resources can be used in the classroom by the professor, the option to meet professionals in the industry. According to Kinsky, this can also offer the department and university a sense of “credibility” and providing more awareness of the department outside of WTAMU. 

“If my staff and I have any questions about public relations, or media communication in general, Dr. Kinsky is our go-to,” said Grimm. “She’s such a valuable asset here at WT, and I feel very lucky to be learning and working with someone as diligent as her.”

Kinsky has been teaching at WTAMU for nine years. She also serves as a co-adviser for 1910 PR and the WTAMU chapters of Public Relations Student Society of America and National Broadcasting Society. Kinsky is also the editor for the Journal of Public Relations Education.

“And I think it’s just, it’s neat to be able to share some of that with students and talk about these things are coming and…to have that better knowledge of the tools to be able to share that with students, too,” said Kinsky.