How do Buffs keep warm?

Illustration by Alyssa Gonzales

As the harsh weather continues here in West Texas, many try their best to bundle up and prepare as much as possible. 

While everyone is layering up and facing the cold, a question is posed: How do the athletes here at West Texas A&M University deal with the colder weather during outdoor games and practices?

According to, the weather can have a large impact on an athlete’s health and performance. However, there are ways to prevent any serious problems.“For example, athletes should start out with some light activities before stretching. That’s because stretching a cold muscle can result in pulling or straining it. Aerobic light warm-ups are key for waking up necessary muscles, ligaments, and tendons.” 

Many Buff athletes that participate in outdoor sports must train and play in colder weather conditions and do certain things in order to prepare. 

“For running you really can’t wear too much, like you can’t wear like heavy jackets and stuff because you’re running like we’re doing a workout that demands us to be fast,” said junior, digital communications and member of the men’s track team, Butare Rugenerwa. 

During warmups, Rugenerwa and his fellow teammates layer up in hoodies and jackets however, once it is time for the workout they take all of the excess layers off in order to efficiently run without too much weighing them down. 

“Usually when it’s really really cold, like recently we usually will jog like two miles before we start anything like sometimes I just do like one mile and then two miles to just warm up before we start the real work,” Rugenerwa said. 

As said on, it is important to start with a light warmup to get the blood flowing through the body in colder weather due to the tightness of the muscles. Loosening the muscles and keeping the body warm is essential and can help prevent injuries. 

“The soccer team actually just provided us with gloves,” said sophomore, equine industry and business management major, and forward for the Lady Buff soccer team, Taylor Thompson. “I’m a baby when it comes to the cold. So I will be in as many layers as possible, like I will wear Under Armour, I’ll wear extra socks, I’ll wear gloves.”

Like Rugenerwa, Thompson and her teammates layer up during the cold weather to help them keep warm. 

“It’s not like a limit as far as like what you can and can’t wear when you’re playing. You just can’t wear a jacket or pants over your uniform. Everything you wear has to be under your uniform. So you are basically trying to put on as many layers as you can underneath, where you can still play,” Thompson said. 

Team practice is obviously important to the team.Thompson stressed that practice is crucial and rarely gets cancelled due to weather, often times if there are harsh weather conditions, it gets moved indoors. 

“Most of the time will go indoors, to an indoor facility in Amarillo. We’ve been known to go into the AC gym and mess around in there,” Thompson said. 

Like the athletes, it is important for the students and fans attending these games and sporting events to be safe and be prepared during the colder weather. Don’t forget to layer up and bring blankets to help you stay warm and toasty during games so you can help cheer on your Buffs.