Buffs give back for the holidays

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  • The food pantry located in the CSC is often restocked every Thursday.

  • Various types of food and snacks are offered at the CSC.

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With the holidays fast approaching many think of giving back. For this West Texas A&M organization, volunteers, students, and help from the Amarillo food bank work to put the local food pantry together. The pantry is open from 1-5pm on Fridays and tends to students and families in need of some groceries. With a freezer full of meat and a pantry stocked with bread, diapers and many more, this is something the Catholic Student Center keeps open year around

“It was created for students” said Camille Acker, sophomore, studio art and management student.

Shipments of supplies come in every Wednesday for the food pantry. If stock begins to run low, then students from the Catholic Student Center will go down to the grocery store and get more supplies to last until the next shipment comes in.

Families can also receive help from the Catholic Student Center if in need of food or personal products the Catholic student center is here to help as well.

“Each family will fill out a sheet saying how many are in their family. They have to show us proof of identity, we have to have social security card checks every year to make sure we are not giving them more food then they need and the amount of food that you get depends on how many people are in your family,” said Acker.

Volunteers that want to help with this cause are always wanted and the Catholic Student Center is always looking for help whether that be checking families and students in or packing/unloading food from the pantry.

“After the first time I did it. It was really like fulfilling like seeing these people come in, and they’re always happy just to be here. Being able to help them in this way. It makes me feel really blessed to be able to volunteer” said Makayla Frentress, freshman, social work major.

Along with the food pantry the Catholic Student Center offers many more accommodations for students such as a study room for students needing a quiet place to study, a library and a recreation room with tv that serves as a place for students to unwind after a long day of studying. As well as Monday adoration and Wednesday mass held at the Catholic Student Center.

“The Catholic Student Center is open Monday thru Friday,” said Acker.

From the food pantry for student and families, to mass and recreation rooms there is something for everyone here.  This holiday season, there is always someone in need. The Catholic Student Center is located at 2610 4th Ave in Canyon, Texas and  is always looking for volunteers in some capacity to help individuals who may need it.