A step closer


Dan Boschen

Emily Boschen playing during her junior flute recital alongside her piano accompanist Jessica Xylina Osborne.

On Saturday, Feb. 30th, 2021, Emily Boschen performed her junior flute recital at Mary Moody Northen Hall. Boschen is a junior double majoring in music education and music performance and is a member of the Xi chapter of Tau Beta Sigma.
After 10 months of practicing and preparing, Boschen’s big day finally came. She spent countless hours practicing alone, with members of her ensemble, her piano accompanist, as well as her brother Kyle Boschen and her mother Angela Boschen.
On the day of the recital Boschen was surrounded by family and close friends. Boschen played pieces including Sonata in b minor by J.S Bach, Chaconne by Sigrid Karg-Elert and more. The recital lasted approximately an hour long.
“The music she played requires a high level of technical skill and musicality that Emily was able to flawlessly portray.” said Natalie Samuels, close friend of Boschen and member of the flute studio. “Emily’s recital was a revitalizing way to welcome in the new semester.”
Due to COVID-19 Boschen was unfortunately unable to have all of her family and friends at her recital. Others that were not able to attend the recital could see a livestream of the recital through a private Facebook event.
“A few days after I was super emotional because of COVID-19, I couldn’t do it the way I wanted, ” Boschen said. Despite some setbacks, Boschen’s recital seemed to have made her family, friends, and peers proud of her.
“The program was very energetic and required lots of musicianship and artistic qualities”, said Diego Romero, a sophomore majoring in flute performance and peer to Boschen. “Emily had so much stamina and was able to play with so much energy that I myself wanted to see more.”
Ultimately, Boschen herself was very proud of how her junior flute recital went. She is also proud of her own dedication, as well as the dedication of her family and friends who all contributed to her recital.
“It’s hard to think that something you plan for 10 months is finally here. It’s cool to get there” said Boschen. “I wouldn’t change anything about my recital, except for COVID.”