Op/Ed: All aboard the motivation station


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

There are many ways in which people stay motived.

Motivation. When looking it up, it can be defined as, “the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.” Sometimes people lack in having it, other times people have a large amount. With that lies the million dollar question…how can people stay motivated?

There can be several factors that contribute as to why people aren’t motivated. Speaking from personal experience, motivation was at an all time low at the start of the pandemic. As I reach the end of my college career, motivation also seems to be lacking from time to time.

When it comes to staying motivated, there are many things that one can do. There are a number of studies, books and blogs that encourage and help others to find motivation and keep it. Though it may not be helpful to all, here is a list of recommendations and tips on staying motivated.

Organize and Set Goals

Whether it’s something as big as applying for a job or something small like folding your laundry, setting goals and writing them down in a list or planner can help with motivation. Having a set list of goals can increase one’s motivation to complete the tasks. To learn more about planners and organization, visit this link.

Take Breaks

While it is important to stay on track and motivated, overworking and burnout is real. Constantly working without breaks can take a toll on one’s mental health and ultimately decrease the amount of motivation that one has. Take mental health days, pick up a new hobby or start something you have been putting off. Visit this blog to learn more about how taking breaks can increase productivity.

Work with Others

Motivation can increase for some when working with a group. Whether it’s a group of friends, coworkers, or peers, doing so can help with productivity. A Stanford News study reported that, “When people are treated as partners working together with others – even when physically apart – their motivation increases.”

Break Up Your Goals

It is sometimes challenging to stay motivated when a huge goal or job is put in front of you. Setting limits and breaking a goal up into parts can be helpful and allow you to pace yourself without using up all of your motivation at once. Depending on the due date, break up a goal by days or weeks. For more advice on how to break down your work, visit this blog.

Reward Yourself

While motivation is a key factor in achieving goals and staying productive, rewarding yourself is arguably just as important. It can be something as small as going to your favorite restaurant after a long week or taking a weekend to relax and unplug. Check out this blog to learn more about rewarding yourself.

While these points may not be beneficial, I’ve found that they’ve helped me and can help others. As the semester winds down, it’s crucial to have as much motivation as possible to finish out strong.