Pink October: a month of breast cancer awareness

October has over the years been earmarked as “Pink October”- a month dedicated to creating awareness on breast cancer and the significance of having breasts checked regularly. Contrary to popular opinions, breast cancer can affect both sexes.

The use of the color pink is attributed to the month of October in creating this awareness. U.S. Women and cancer describes breast cancer as the second leading cause of death in women in the United States. The American Cancer Society founded the commemorative month in 1985.

The initial color attributed to breast cancer awareness was peach from the formative years. Pink became very popular and now widely accepted due to the effort of one Californian woman, Charlotte Haley. Haley had lost her mom to breast cancer, and her sister and daughter had survived it. She began to give ribbons out at social events to raise funds in fighting the disease.

Many college students are unable to get all the information that is needed to deal with breast cancer. Sometimes, there is just too little word spread about lifestyles to reduce its likelihood of occurrence. Low-quality decision support when considering reconstructive surgery, has not been very forthcoming for those who have breast cancer, and are looking forward to making the right choice.

According to Pink October.Org, local women are able to receive assistance of up to $2,000 towards their treatment of any kind of female cancer. This money is accumulated through individual or organizational donations.

Daily Emerald teaches certain ways to prevent the severity of breast cancer.

“Monitoring your own lifestyle choices such as, making sure you are on the proper form of birth control and limiting alcohol intake and quitting smoking habits minimizes your risk is not a bad place to start.”

Breast cancer awareness may not be what every individual is passionate about, but a little time spent listening to others’ stories and having regular checks can go a long way to make a difference.

Looking for a way to donate to breast cancer research? Look no further; is a credible site fashioned to help other women deal with breast cancer.

To the brave women who have been through this battle, we salute you. To those currently fighting to get through, you are stronger than you think. Most importantly, you are beautiful!


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