Apple updates product line with safety in mind


Blass Guerrero

iPhone 8 and later iPhones will receive the iOS 16 update, bringing lock screen customization.

On Sep. 7th, Apple announced new updates to the Apple Watch, Airpods Pro and iPhone. Apple’s main focus is safety and saving lives. Past versions of the Apple Watch alert users of heart rate issues and fall detection. Apple put a main focus on safety and saving lives.

Apple Watch:
Apple started the event by discussing how the Apple Watch has helped save lives with features like electrocardiogram and fall detection. The Apple Watch Series 8 brings the same look as the Series 7 but adds more sensors for health and safety. A temperature sensor is added to track the body temperature for menstrual cycling by improving ovulation tracking. Two new sensors, an axis gyroscope and an accelerometer, will be able to detect if you have been in a car crash. When the watch detects a crash, it will automatically call 911 if the user does not respond to the notification in 10 seconds. Responders will receive the location of the accident and emergency contacts will be notified. The Apple Watch will keep the same price as the previous version of $399 for the GPS model with the aluminum case.

Apple Watch SE will also receive crash detection and keep the same design. The SE will start at $249, making it the most affordable watch in the lineup.

Apple Watch Ultra:
The Apple Watch Ultra is a new version of the Apple Watch lineup, with the main focus on bringing a rugged watch for outdoor and high-intensity activities. The Ultra is made of a titanium case and a bigger screen. The new watch will include 36 hours of normal use and 60 hours on low power mode. The Ultra can be used for swimming up to a depth of 40 meters. The crown on the side of the button is now bigger to help users use gloves and a new customizable button for users to access a feature quickly. The new Apple Watch Ultra will also have the same features as Series 8. The new Apple Watch Ultra starts at $799 for the GPS model, making it the most expensive watch in the lineup.

Airpod Pro 2nd Gen:
The Airpods Pro received a new update since its launch in late 2019. The new Airpods received a new chip to improve sound, noise cancellation and longer battery life. Users will be able to control the volume by swiping up and down on the stem of the Airpod. The charging case receives a new chip to be able to be tracked with the Find My app and a speaker to find the case with a pinging sound. The new charging case will support charging with an Apple Watch charger. The new Airpods Pro will start at $249, keeping the same price as the previous model.

iPhone 14 and 14 Plus:
The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus have the same design and hardware as the iPhone 13 but some new features. The new iPhone will include crash detection, same as the Apple Watch. The new iPhones will include Emergency SOS via satellite. When a user is in an area where wifi or cellular network is not present, they will be able to connect to a satellite and get emergency services. The feature will ask the user questions to get the right emergency responders quickly while at the same not using the limited bandwidth from the satellite. Users will need to be outside and the iPhone will show where to point the phone to connect with a satellite. This feature will be free for all iPhone 14 users for 2 years. It’s unknown at this time how much it will cost after. The iPhone 14 keeps the same price as the previous model at $799 for the 128GB model, 256 GB for $899 and 512GB for $1099. The iPhone 14 Plus will be $100 more for each model.

iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max:
The iPhone 14 Pro continues to have the same design as the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. One difference is that Apple replaced the notch on the top of the phone where the front cameras and sensors were placed with the Dynamic Island. The Dynamic Island brings notifications with an interactive user interface. For example, instead of going through the control center to get to the music controls, the user will see the music note on top of the screen and will be able to bring the controls touching the Dynamic Island. Apple is letting app developers create interactive notifications for the Dynamic Island. The 14 Pro brings a new A16 Bionic chip, helping to increase battery life one hour from the previous iPhone. The iPhone 14 Pro includes a new 48 megapixel camera before a 12 megapixel from the previous generation. However, the cameras include a new 3x optical zoom which is lower from other phone competitors that offer 10x optical zoom. iPhone 14 Pro will start at $999 and $1099 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.