Studying in coffee shops helps WT students focus

For students rushing to prepare for finals, the perfect way to study includes changing to comfy clothes, drinking your favorite beverage at a coffee shop and most importantly, the perfect study tips.

Coffee shops are the perfect way to get off campus and study in a transparent glass window room with the hissing of an espresso machine in the background, filling the shop with the aroma of your favorite signature drink.

According to Belle Surf Cafe studies have shown that coffee shop ambiance increases creativity, alertness, and learning ability. Students who drink 200 milligrams of coffee can help improve short-term memory and increases their ability to solve reason-based problems.

David Ramos, barista of 13/30, believes that coffee shops offer a good atmosphere for studying and getting work done in a comfortable and inviting setting. Coffee shops are a great way to socialize and make long-term friends, especially since 13/30 right on campus.

“Something just so special and comforting about holding a nice hot beverage that is so tasty maybe it’s a cold beverage on a hot day something so comforting about it.” Ramos said. “I think another aspect is an environmental kind of benefit, just kind of getting out of your routine, getting out of your dorm, breathing some new air being in a place that you’re not in all the time.”

Going to coffee shops has allowed students like Butare Rugenerwa, to get out of their dorm, focus on their work and meet new people. As Rugenerwa started going to coffee shops more frequently, his love for coffee grew.

“Just the change in environment, for me being around chill music also having a drink with caffeine in it and then just like really it’s all about the location for me and coffee shops are very aesthetic.” Rugenerwa said.

Sarah Patschke, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works at the West Texas A&M University Counseling Services, helps students who needs to improve their study skills and can use her office located in 116a as a study room when they just need some quiet space to do their assignments.

“Some of them just like to come in here and sit down at the desk because there’s less distractions and I don’t even really have to help them with anything but it’s just a different environment, so it’s basically the same thing as their version of the coffee shop.” Patschke said. “So, they’re not necessarily having like all the different distractions of that outside world that can kind of just come in and focus but yet it’s not in their dorm either.”

For more resources, “Think Like a Boss ” is an anxiety coping skills group for students who are dedicated to make up for their studying time, wanting to learn various studying skills or need help organizing their thoughts.  They group meets in the Eternal Flame room every Tuesday from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.