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Behind the major with Damien Sandoval: The abilities of technological advancements

Damien Sandoval.

Damien Sandoval is a sophomore working toward a bachelor of business administration while majoring in computer information systems at West Texas A&M University. Sandoval is from Pampa, working long hours to achieve his goals.

A career in computer information systems means to “concentrate on integrating information technology solutions and business processes to meet the information needs of business and other enterprises, enabling them to achieve their objectives effectively and efficiently.” To succeed in the field, candidates must provide a solid theoretical background in various resources such as software development, database design, networking, web-based applications, analysis, data mining and visualization. Despite the intricate career details, Sandoval is pursuing the degree as a backup option.

“I want to actually do content creation,” Sandoval said. “Like making YouTube videos, live streams and vlog; just like being an online influencer.”

Sandoval was first introduced to an online world by his father.

“Growing up, my dad always put me around computers and stuff,” Sandoval said. “So, I was always super into them. I enjoy working with them and everything about technology.”

Considering Sandoval was immersed in technology from a young age, pursuing a career felt like second nature. If he used his degree, he would be drawn to working for a help desk, cybersecurity or creating and managing databases.

“Working in technology helps others because people struggle with technology all the time,” Sandoval said. “So, just being able to teach other people and fix all the problems in current and new technology will always be helpful.”

However, considering Sandoval’s ideal career is in the content-creating field, his passion grew from enjoying it as a break from reality.

“Being an influencer online would be doing what I like to do for fun and getting paid to do it,” Sandoval said. “Content creating lets you do so many fun things. I do it a lot with friends, so we keep making memories.”

Fortunately enough, Sandoval’s classes teach him insight that he can use to better his content-creating abilities.

“It is super interesting to learn about everything,” Sandoval said. “Being able to see and understand where it started and how it got to where it is now. I learn the foundation in my classes that makes me appreciate being able to create content.”

Sandoval chose WT because of its affordability, with an additional bonus that the campus is just a short distance from his hometown. Outside of academics, Sandoval is part of the esports team, enjoys playing video games, riding his skateboard, hanging out with friends and working two jobs: one as a community advisor in Centennial Hall and the other at a technology business. He has also been given several exceptional opportunities during his time here.

“I got hired as a community adviser, which has been super great so far,” Sandoval said. “It is also cool to be part of the esports team because it is new, and most universities do not have it yet. Being on the team, I have met great people and been given many scholarships that I greatly appreciate.”

Sandoval believes in taking small steps each day to be successful in the end.

“Take stuff one at a time. Do not stress too much about it if it is out of your control. Let it happen and deal with it after.”

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