Dr. Kevin Pond holds public Q&A to discuss renovations coming to the Natural Science building


Within the past year West Texas A&M has added a major addition to its campus, a brand new stadium located conveniently on campus. Last week Dr. Kevin Pond, Dean of the Paul Engler College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, led a student Q&A, to talk about renovations coming to the Natural Science Building. 

“I think that it [the Q&A] was extremely helpful because it opened up my eyes to a bunch of the problems that we’re facing in the building,” James Pacheco a freshman, biology major, said.

The Q&A was a chance to let the students know the estimated budget for the project.  Also it gave students the opportunity to ask for what they thought the building needed.

  “One thing that I learned that I really didn’t realize until now is that there really isn’t much space for studying like any, there really isn’t any social space there,” Pacheco said. “And now that I see it, there are actually problems with that in the building.”  

Another thing the students touched on during this meeting was the addition of lights in and around the building and where students park for their labs for the evening time. They also asked about the order of the renovations and what was to be done. According to Dr. Pond the first thing to be renovated is the roof, then the second floor lab rooms, due to the fact that most of the first floor lab rooms  have already been renovated. Dr. Pond says the renovations could start as early as summer 2020, affecting new students tuition especially those on the “one year rate” plan.

One year rate students get two long semesters at the one year rate within a 12 month, consecutive period. Once this period has passed, students will move to the newest rate table available,” according to  WTAMU’s website.   

One student on the “one year rate” plan is freshman, accounting major, Saryna Stach. 

 “I think it will help the school to become more advanced in helping their students better themselves,” Stach said. 

 Q&A’s like the one that was held, give students an opportunity to be apart of the campus and really have their voices heard by the faculty. Which in turn not only improves the university’s infrastructure but it also improves the culture of WTAMU. Ultimately these types of forums help to build a healthy partnership between faculty and students, working together to help build the campus for future students to come.

“With these Q and A’s, they’re able to voice their opinions. And yeah. And it also allows the students to know where their money is going,because essentially, they’re paying for what is happening, such as renovations and other things…If it’s able to happen in my time here at the school, then I’m definitely excited but still it would be really helpful for future students. ” Pacheco said.