Op/Ed: “Mask wearing”, a responsibility in caring for others


Masks are making new norms in today’s society.

One of the most controversial topics since the pandemic first occurred, is the new realities of wearing a mask in public venues. Many people have accepted it as our new social norm, and others have chosen to fight and rebel when it comes to wearing a mask in public.

For me, I make the choice to remain adaptable when it comes to facing situations that are outside of my control, and I also choose to follow rules, guidelines or laws depending on what situation I am in. It has been said, that the only constant in life is change, and the new reality is, that it has become a vital component of our society to wear face masks in public to keep communities safe from the spread of the coronavirus.

Furthermore, the areas in our society that I see being affected the most by mask wearing is the medical field, food industries and college campuses. Even though wearing a mask might be uncomfortable, when it comes to these three areas of our communities, not wearing a mask would put the public at greater risk for catching the virus. But what about when it comes to ordinary citizens wearing masks when they are out in public? Does it really help lessen the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a mask?

Personally, I am not a licensed physician and I can’t answer the question of if wearing a mask truly protects others. But what I do know, is that is my belief that I am responsible member of society. So, if I’m being told to do something that can possibly protect others by the leaders of our country, or state and local officials, I am going to choose to abide by those mandates set before me.

Moreover, I don’t see it as my rights are being taken away from me when it comes to the requirements of mask wearing in public. I see mask wearing as a new common curtesy when it comes to keeping others safe. I recently had a family member test positive for COVID-19, but none of my other family members ended up catching the virus. I believe that was due the fact that we all chose to wear masks after that. Therefore, the virus did not spread to anyone else.

In my opinion, I believe mask wearing is going to be our new reality for a long while, and I can either choose to accept this new norm, or I can do what others have done and choose to fight and rebel. I personally choose acceptance today, because that is one of the most important principles I practice in my life. Today I am a responsible member of my community and I am going to continue to be so by being courteous to others through wearing my face mask wherever I go. I can only hope that others make the decision to do the same, as the people in my life are very precious to me and I would hate to see COVID-19 affect them as it has so many other people in the nation we live in.