Grammy nominated artist, Eric Alexandrakis, releases “TERRA”


Album cover courtesy of Minoan Music

Other discography by Alexandrakis includes “I.V. Catatonic”, “9 Demos on a 4 Track”, “Here Comes the Snow” and “Christmas EP”.

Grammy nominated artist, Eric Alexandrakis, released his newest album titled “TERRA.” This double album of 28 songs is the perfect listen for those who enjoy eclectic alternative music.

“‘Terra’ is essentially my world. We all have our own ‘Terra’. Your experiences would sound much different than mine, and I’m excited to share mine,” Alexandrakis said.

The two-time cancer survivor was inspired by 60s pop and New Wave for this album and created it while traveling. Alexandrakis calls this album a “melodic snapshot” of his world, combining his love of film, music and travel that represents his feelings, emotions and experiences.

According to a press release by Alexandrakis’ company, Minoan Music, “‘TERRA’ is a 28-track travel concept album whose sonic innovation tells a story with metaphorical whimsy.”

Alexandrakis suggests this album to be an “amalgamation” of The Beach Boys meets Pink Floyd meets Duran Duran. This album comes after his album “I.V. CATATONIA: 20 YEARS AS A TWO-TIME CANCER SURVIVOR” was nominated for a Grammy for 2019 Best Spoken Word Album alongside Michelle Obama and The Beastie Boys.

“Computers are a rabbit hole; using the 16-track pushed me to come up with the best ideas possible with what little I had to work with, and most of all, forced me to play and perform everything…,” Alexandrakis said.

All of the music for the album was composed and performed on a 16-track recorder and Alexandrakis only used one to two takes per recorded part. He also composes music for film, television and commercials. Alexandrakis also composes Christmas songs, two of which, “Here Comes the Snow!” and “Stealing Christmas”, reached the Top 20 in the U.S. Adult Contemporary radio charts.

“Highly creative since childhood, Alexandrakis is a student of all artistic disciplines,” Minoan Music included in their press release.

The artist is also a songwriter, producer, photographer, remixer and actor. According to the Duran Duran wiki page, Alexandrakis also remixed Arcadia’s “Election Day.” The page also said he was classically trained on the piano since age 6 with his musical tastes becoming more focused on the British Invasion in the 1980s. This included bands such as Duran Duran, The Cure and Depeche Mode.

“Working on a compilation showcasing several different music genres, he incorporated a brand new technology invented by his long-time friend, inventor Scottt Moskowitz ( That technology was digital watermarking,” according to the Alexandrik’s bio on the Minoan Music biography press release.

Alexandrakis also attended the University of Miami where he earned two degrees, one in English and one in public relations. He also later earned a master’s degree in music business. Alexandrakis is also known for producing the first CD album with a digital watermark created by which is still used today.