WandaVision: what is going on


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On Jan. 15, 2021, Disney+ launched a new series through the Marvel Universe called WandaVision. There have been three episodes released since the launch.

Wanda and Vision are two superheroes belonging to The Avengers, a team of superheroes that protect the Marvel Universe. Wanda has the power to manipulate “chaos magic”, and can move objects telepathically. Vision is an android who possesses and is the essence of the Mind Stone, one of the six infinity stones. With the Mind Stone, he has great abilities such as flying, phasing through solid objects and many more.

The series entails Wanda and Vision going away and living a “normal” life together, away from all of the dangers of the world. What they failed to realize is that it doesn’t matter where they go, they’re not at all normal and trouble will eventually find them.

The first episode starts off as any I Love Lucy episode would, which is unlike Marvel. Wanda and Vision can’t seem to figure out what important date is marked on their calendar. After many guesses, it turns out that Vision’s new boss and his wife were to come over to their house for dinner. Wanda scrambles to cook up an amazing meal and entertain all at the same time without getting caught using her powers. At the end of the episode Vision and Wanda establish an anniversary date, wedding rings, and all things that normal married couples have that they didn’t before.

The black and white theme continues in the second episode. Wanda and Vision try to get acquainted with their community by helping out with a fundraiser. The fundraiser was decided on as a talent show. Of course, Wanda and Vision come up with an idea to use their powers in plain sight, a magic act. Not just a regular magic act, though, but an especially cheesy one. The town is fooled and the fundraiser was a success. At the end of the day, Wanda discovers she is pregnant. Through this episode, some strange things start happening such as Wanda hearing her name called through the radio, a red-colored toy helicopter falling from the sky and a dark beekeeper figure appears. As soon as the figure is seen, Wanda turns back the clock to when she finds out she’s pregnant and as soon as she does, everything in red turns to color.

The third and most recent episode gets more exciting and a little more is revealed. This episode is in complete color as well. Wanda continues her pregnancy at an alarmingly fast rate. She has contractions and her discomfort causes objects in her house to move and change. This is an issue because the neighbors keep visiting the house. Wanda ends up going into labor and having the baby. After her labor, something peculiar about one of Wanda’s friends is revealed and the neighbors are hiding something as well.
WandaVision will continue to progress in its plotline as the season carries on. The first couple of episodes were quite confusing and unlike Marvel, but it is very visible that there is a plan and that it’ll be great.

Episodes are released every Friday on Disney+.