What’s up with the weather in the Panhandle?


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It is currently very cold, but the weather has fluctuated from hot to cold in the past week. Looking at weather forecasts 10 days ahead, the weather will be a mixture of cloudy, sunny and windy. Walking through the cold, the breeze hits all of us in the face and soon, the clocks will turn back on Nov. 7, 2021.

As cold as it is in November, it is also very warm. We have highs and lows, one doesn’t really know what to do with that. Wearing a light coat? A heavy coat? Investing in allergy medication? Buying hot cocoa?

According to Weatherspark, the climate and average weather in Canyon, TX is a hot summer, and short and cold winter. This is the same year after year, and people will always take note of the Panhandle weather. So what can be expected is a few months of bitter cold? As it is near the end of the semester, luckily, there is not much to go.

Panhandle weather is notoriously fluctuating, with people bearing the temperatures as is custom. Wearing winter coats, or hoodies depending on whether or not the afternoon will be warm.

It seems simple, but the dry land region of the Panhandle affects the weather and so, braving the storm and experiencing the cold is something we must all do. We have also chosen to be here, and getting used to the weather is part of life.

The main thing is knowing what to wear, because you go out in your coat and then realize it is suddenly sunny. What do you do? You put on a scarf, maybe a coat, something that can be easily switched out just in case the sun decides to come out.

The fluctuations were more obvious in September and October, but not so much in November, as it has been cold everyday with the grass blowing in the wind. But, as mentioned before there are days where it is sunny and you wonder what is going on with the weather?

You might get a cold, or your allergies may start acting up because the weather fluctuates so much. The weather can look so gloomy depending on whether it is hot or cold. This is the time where it may be best to invest in some cold packs. We must all prioritize our health during this time because we do not want to get sick.

There is a potential for snow storms and tornadoes too, which people seem to handle really well. What we should all make sure of is that we are keeping as warm as possible as we head into December, the time of Christmas cheer and songs.

So what is up with the weather? Well, the answer is a mixture of science and the immune systems as we brave the storm. Let us all make sure we get in the spirit of hot cocoa and maybe even iced tea as we handle this weather because we never quite know what to expect.