The Witcher captures audiences with dramatic flair


Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

“The Witcher” was first released on Netflix on Dec. 20, 2019 and is based on the novel series by Andrzej Sapkowski and the video games by CD Projekt RED. It follows the story of Geralt, a hunter with magical abilities, on his journey to self-actualization.

Season 2 of “The Witcher” aired on Dec. 17, 2021 and begins with Geralt and Ciri going on a journey together. During the journey, Geralt acts as a father figure to Ciri. The two are met with a beast who was cursed, although they do not know the reason until later on.

Ciri initially treats the beast with respect. However, once the reason for the curse is revealed, Geralt and Ciri decide to abandon it. There is an incredibly dark theme throughout the season, which is made darker by the war that occurred at the end of season 1.

Elves and humans are at odds with each other and the mages are left in between the two. Elves are bullied by humans and humans are frightened of elves or anyone with magic. Everyone suffers as a result of hatred: the elves, the humans, the Witchers and the mages.

There are many hallucinations that occur throughout the season, including monsters whispering in people’s ears about their deepest desires. Ciri and Geralt are traveling through dangerous territory and everyone is looking out for their own interests.

Yennefer, a character who was transformed into a beautiful mage at the end of season 1, helped the mages to win the war. However, in doing so, she lost herself. In season 2, Yennefer must discover who she is again within a framework of lies, treachery and deceit.

Although Yennefer and Geralt were close in season 1, it cannot be said that there is much trust between them. They are from two different worlds; worlds that don’t often meet.

Looking out for one’s self becomes harder when you do not know who to trust. Even in the midst of some close bonds, like the bond between Ciri and Geralt, there are times when blood is thicker than water.

Both Geralt and Ciri are looking for a home, but the difference between the two characters is that Ciri had a home that was destroyed, whereas Geralt has been a lone wolf for the most part. This becomes more apparent when Ciri is able to reunite with her loved ones in this season.

Hallucinations trick Ciri into thinking her family is still alive and this causes her to leave Geralt, making him angry that he cannot find her. There is only so much Geralt can do in his role as a father figure to Ciri, especially considering he has only recently met her.

In a world of lies, Ciri can only trust her family while fending off the chaos of her destiny to destroy the world. The question at the end of this season is that of how much you are willing to sacrifice for family.

Viewers will be able to find their own way around the treachery presented in this season and perceive the unique challenges that each character faces on their continued journey.

“The Witcher” season 1 and 2 can be viewed on Netflix.