Lady Buff Champions Take on Regional Tournament in Denver

The West Texas A&M University Lady Buffs Volleyball Team became Division II Lone Star Conference champions.

With only the Regional Tournament left in the season, the Lady Buffs have the chance of returning to the Elite Eight once again and advancing to the National Championships in Seattle this year.

Kendra Potts is a WT alumni and was given a title in the 2014 WT Hall of Champions. She currently holds the Lady Buffs all-time record for the most assists in her career being 6,087. Her title as the head coach began in 2019 and she has dominated.

Potts said, “I am in my fourth season as head coach here at WT. I am originally from Amarillo. I attended Amarillo High. I actually played volleyball here, I met my husband here, so WT has a special place for us.”

Potts hasn’t held back and has continuously blown everyone away with her 80 career wins, 22 of those being from this year alone, even though the season is not yet over, but what is her secret to success?

“I wouldn’t really call it a secret,” Potts said. “We kind of have a theme of just one percent better. If we’re thinking too far ahead and we’re stuck in the past, we could not be living in the moment. Our big thing is to be present and the best version of ourselves.”

After the LSC Tournament, that was hosted in The Box here at WT, the ladies are not done yet. They will still face familiar opponents in Denver as they did this past weekend.

“This weekend is big,” Potts said. “There’s a lot that’s going on as far as on and off the court, so we’re really excited about it,”

One of Potts’ core values is family. She keeps up with her players’ lives on and off the court in order to build a stronger connection with the team.

“When I think about the team, I just get a really big smile on my face,” Potts said. “I want our girls to know we’re people outside this job. I want to make sure we respect each other as people.”

The #1 title for the Lone Star Conference continues to reach out to fans, giving them a reason to come out and support their team’s success. “The Box” has filled up with current students, staff, faculty, and alumni, as well as making every game louder and wilder than the one before.

“Volleyball is one of those sports that I love watching because of the energy on the court,”

Current WT student, Lane Hall, said. “That fan experience you get through being on the court and to interact with the player and the crowd is a whole lot of fun.”

Lady Buffs hold their title of #1 in the conference giving them the chance of advancing to Seattle in December.