Get connected through WTAMU internet resources

Ceasar Escalante/The Prairie News Many different opportunities for students to excel in the classroom.

With the newly built Buffalo Stadium at J Ferg Field comes many new attachments and upgrades from the previous Kimbrough Memorial Stadium. Many welcome the changes that have undoubtedly brought a new dimension to buffalo football.

The newly implemented Internet is something that students are  excited about. “The stadium is a lot faster and a tad more reliable,”  sophomore Biochemistry major, Jorge Gonzalez said. 

Many companies and individuals were on board when trying to put together this stadiums internet to not only make it faster and better but also functional for not only fans but everyone that steps foot in the stadium.

“There were several different groups involved in it, lots of different phases. American Electric was the electrical contractor on sight for the project and so they were involved in some of the installation vitel was involved with some of the installation and then WT’s own It was involved with some of the installation and configuration” said Chance Haugen, Director of JBK student center.

Some students find that the new Wifi at the stadium is a great improvement from past kimbrough memorial stadium and think it should be implemented throughout the University all around.

“It kind of slows down the process of the internet here on campus and makes it a bit hard to get everything done” Sophomore Pre-vet/Biology major Mia Davis said

Students enjoy the internet and how it is implemented in the stadium and feel it would help as well if it was implemented in the whole WTAMU system.

With that being said, many University students are limited if they do not have a Wifi source at their disposal.

West Texas A&M has some resources available for students that may need them such as the HELC ( Hastings Electronic Learning center) Open 24 hours for students that need to use computers and wifi they can come here to study and get work done as a University student.

There is also an open access computer lab open Monday thru Friday, from 7:30am-10:00pm closed on the weekends in Amarillo that students can use as well if they live in Amarillo and commute back and forth to WT.

The library here on campus can also be used by these students that may not have Internet or a computer at their disposal, with wifi available and open on weekends for certain hours, the library offers many different resources for students and as well as the HELC attached below.

There are also different Mac and computer labs in the Sybil B. Harrington fine arts building as well as in the agriculture building and in the engineering building.