Op/Ed: What are the Buffs going to do come spring?


Ceasar Escalante

Are Buffs coming back for the spring semester amid COVID-19?

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, feeling like at some points that the world is literally upside down. A scramble to put in new safety measures to slow the spread of this virus has been seen all over the world and that is no different from safety measures taken here on campus at West Texas A&M University for the fall 2020 semester.

Sometimes it is like stepping on eggshells, hoping an outbreak does not come as a wave over this campus, causing the university to shut down and send us all home to finish the semester remotely from home.

While awaiting news of what is going to happen for the spring 2021 semester, will we be safe returning to campus after break? Are we even going to come back for the spring semester? Will COVID-19 tests be mandatory for all on campus returning after the winter break of traveling and “safe social distancing”?

These are the questions looming in my mind as I prepare to wrap up the fall semester, many unanswered and look as for right now to remain unanswered.

It is hard to plan for the coming months in fear of campus shutting down along with the dorms leaving students such as myself between a rock and a hard place hoping the spring semester can continue as scheduled.

It seems to me that COVID-19 laughs in the faces of those trying to even live let alone plan and push through the remaining fall semester and a new spring semester.

I can say however, I do have faith in the Texas A&M University system as well as WTAMU to make the right decisions when it comes to the spring semester, hoping that they ultimately put the safety of the students and faculty first.

I can say this with a positive outlook because of the precautions already taken such as social distancing measures, masks being required in class and limited functions being held on campus.

So, for the spring semester here at WTAMU, I remain hopeful seeing as we have all made it this far with the precautions already used. Hopefully in the coming weeks WTAMU will inform all students and staff what the plan for the spring semester is going to look like.

As far as dormitory living, COVID-19 testing and more safety measures are hopefully coming our way for the spring 2021 semester. I feel we have come a long way with adjusting during these uncertain times but still can find more ways to not only keep us on a healthy track but as well as improve in every aspect this university offers.