Last Chance U:Basketball scores well with viewers


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Many of the Huskie’s got offers to play in D1 schools as well as other leagues around the nation.

Popular Netflix series “Last Chance U” has been entertaining audiences while taking them behind the scenes of low-profile junior college football programs. In March of 2021, Netflix released a new season that focuses on basketball.

The season spotlights East Los Angeles College’s basketball program along with the coaches and the players. The show takes the audience on the team’s journey to get to the championship. With head coach John Mosley leading the team, the series takes a deep dive into many of the players and their backgrounds.

As The Daily Cardinal mentions, “The team itself consists of a wide variety of talent levels and personalities. There are high-school recruits, Division-1 bounce-backs and local walk-ons. Forward KJ Allen, one of the most gifted players on the team, was the Los Angeles high school basketball player of the year, but his 2.2 GPA kept him from reaching the next level.”

The captivating story told by each player and coach throughout the series allows the audience to connect and relate to their experiences. In turn, you will most likely find yourself rooting for the team every game.

According to IMDB the audience will “explore an honest and gritty look inside the world of community college basketball.”

As the ELAC Huskies compete throughout the season, the audience will begin to have the same frustrations and anxieties that the players and coaches face as the Huskies make their way to the top.

While this brought national acclaim and attention to the Husky basketball team, it also brought awareness of ELAC. The campus celebrated with a watch party to support both the program and the series.

In an article published by East Los Angeles College Campus News, “The watch party was organized to celebrate the March 10th release of the Netflix series. The eight-episode series covers the men’s basketball team’s quest to a state championship. And is currently number 4 on Netflix’s most watch list.”

One of the most notable characters in the docuseries is Deshaun Highler. His story and struggles of losing his parents at a young age as well as his journey towards becoming the player he wants to be is compelling. Seeing him slowly reach his goals and thrive in his relationship both with his girlfriend and his teammates inspires the audience.

Coach Mosely, Coach Rob and Coach Ken are all positive figures in the player’s life that encourage the team to push themselves while uplifting one another. While they may not always all get along with each other, they acknowledge the fact that they are indeed a family.

Seeing the team ultimately make their way to the championship was both exhilarating and nerve-racking. However, in true 2020 fashion the team doesn’t get the chance to prove themselves in the game due to its cancellation in relation to COVID-19.

“Last Chance U: Basketball” allows audiences to follow the journey of a team working together to win it all, and while it may not have gone as expected, it reminded the viewers of the harsh realities of the pandemic while managing to prove that hard work does indeed pay off.