OP/ED What every Freshman should know

Making the choice to move away from home and onto a University campus is a major life choice to make. There are quite a few things students should know when coming to college.

Here are a couple things all freshman should know as a West Texas A&M University senior.

Your peers know if you are taking a shower.

This may be self explanatory, but when walking around on campus people can tell if you know how to take a shower or not. Moving to college can be overwhelming. Taking a hot shower can lead to a relaxing moment alone and can help with your mental health.

Living in the dorms means that you will be sharing a space that sees all types of people. To avoid any potential infection, purchase shower shoes to protect your feet in the showers.

It’s very important to choose a washcloth, loofah, or bath net to lather your body. Using your hands is not enough if you’re wishing to avoid any rumors around your cleanliness. Whether you’re a hot or cold shower person, you should be taking at least a shower a day.

Laundry is a lot harder to do on your own.

Some people when they get to college have never done a load of laundry in their life. Choosing the right detergent is more important than fabric softener, smelling beads, dryer sheets, or other cleaning items.

Finding the time to wash your mountain of clothes is also hard to accomplish with busy class and work schedules. Going down to the laundry room in Founders or Centennial Hall on saturday or sunday is not going to be a good option as most people use the weekend to do their chores. Monday and weekdays are going to be your best bet for easy access to available washers and dryers.

Washer and Dryers sit with full loads on a sunday afternoon in Jarret Hall. (August 28, 2022) (Marcus Rogers)

Most importantly, set a timer. Other students will not wait for you to remember to move your clothes. We are not your parents.

It is okay to prioritize sleeping at night rather than going out on the town.

Living on your own is hard, but can be liberating. However, it is recommended students get a full eight hours of sleep at night as sleeping is important for mental and physical health.

Friends and colleagues will have many different ways of trying to coax you out of your dorm or study room to go up to Guitars and Cadillacs on college night, Bodegas, or even a Worship night at The Wesley.
Life only happens once, but being in college is a choice and diplomas require a 2.0 GPA, minimum.

Make time for the important things in life.

College is a fast time of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are getting your education over four years or more, like myself. Live your life to the fullest and have some late nights, but not all the time.

Don’t hesitate to get involved in extracurricular activities. Go to the event on campus. Go explore Palo Duro Canyon. Visit the Amarillo Museum of Art. Do things that require you to leave your dorm room.