Rihanna to revive her music career

The announcement of the Barbados singer and Savage X Fenty founder Robyn Rihanna Fenty headlining Super Bowl LVII sent the fans of the 2000’s singer into a frenzy.

Rihanna’s last addition to the music industry was with the 2016 album, Anti, which is referred to be her best album of all time. Several fans think the expectations are too high for the artist building up her fashion and makeup line.

“I feel like she really just tempted all of us and didn’t just give us a cliffhanger,” said Christopher Bachman, a senior marketing major from Amarillo.

Rihanna recently became a billionaire because of her Fenty line, not her music. However, her music lineup and sold records rival Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Yet, of her eight albums, there has yet to be one in the last five years.

“She’s doing better in her makeup than she has with her music career,” Bachman said.

Her music that consistently remains at the top of music charts is from radio and streams from her top hits. Songs like “Umbrella;” “We Found Love,” feat Calvin Harris; “Diamonds;” “Stay” feat. Mikky Ekko and other pieces generate millions of listens each week.

“This (ANTI) era and after she’s had her baby is like very prominent, but I would definitely say around when ANTI Deluxe came out, she really just did the most,” Bachman said.

Since having her baby, Rihanna has spent most of her time working on the work she has the most passion for. Fenty Beauty is worth more than 2 billion, which makes sense as she used her fame from her 2000’s music hits to launch her beauty line.

“I love that she’s starting to blur the lines between men’s and women’s lingerie and starting to come up with her own brand that’s becoming a huge market segment,” Bachman said. “Though, I wouldn’t consider it an affordable product.”

Rihanna has recently been scrutinized as she is now considered one of the most wealthy artists. She has more wealth than more than 99% of the planet and has no interactions with the struggles of a working person. In light of her lack of privilege, she sees little recourse from some decisions she makes.

The Savage X Fenty Vol. 4 Show preparations are underway and Rihanna has chosen the help of Johnny Depp. The Pirates of the Caribbean star has come under public backlash because of several public cases of defamation from his former wife, Amber Heard. Rihanna has chosen to uplift Depp, despite the numerous controversies.

One Twitter user stated, “Rihanna can’t be serious?”

User @feneptune_ said on twitter, “rihanna cant be serious? With all these beautiful and unproblematic men in hollywood, and johnny depp is the one that appeals to you the most?” (Twitter screenshot)

There is a way though for the fans of Rihanna to enjoy her products while also acknowledging the harm that she is perpetuating through her products. Remaining ignorant is not a viable solution for an empathetic and engaged public, a conversation needs to be had to continuously enjoy the art of an artist surrounded by a valid controversy.

Rihanna has already generated enough wealth to not have to work another day in her or her son’s life. Yet the music and fashion industry aren’t done with the works of Rihanna.

The world shall see if the ninth Rihanna album is released before or after Super Bowl LVII. Still, either way, expectations are high for the 2000s singer.