Opinion: Holiday gift ideas for your loved ones


Kaelin Collar

Save stress. Plan ahead. Buy now.

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With the holiday season just around the corner, you are probably trying to start figuring out what to get your friends, family and loved ones. However, sometimes it can be difficult to navigate a good gift idea, especially when some people are challenging to buy for. Here are some gift options for all types of people.

Mom: Most people’s mothers put their loved ones before them. Everyone deserves to be treated, so here are a few ideas every mother should adore.

Nail salon voucher to get a manicure or pedicure.
New makeup or hair products.
Any type of jewelry.
A new purse or wallet.
An alternative perfume to the usual.
A day at the spa.
New pair of shoes or an outfit.
Nice set of pots, pans or new set of knives.
Handmade gifts such as scrapbooks, cards or coupon book.
Framed photos are always a nice go-to.

Dad: My father is the most challenging person to buy for, and I tend to be quite a good gift-giver. Men are usually stubborn when it comes to the holidays and giving gift ideas because they “never need anything.”

Merchandise for their favorite sports team.
New stuff for one of their hobbies, such as hunting, golfing, grilling, etc.
A new wallet.
A different type of cologne.
New clothes or shoes.
A new set of tools.
A nice watch.
Apple Airtag, since fathers may misplace things.
Nice electric razor.
Gift cards to their favorite stores; that way, they can pick out whatever they desire and not complain.

Brother: Similar to their father, brothers can also be difficult to buy for.

New video game or controller for their console.
New stuff for one of their hobbies, such as hunting, golfing, working out, etc.
A new set of headphones.
LED lights.
New shoes or clothes.
Outdoor games for friend nights, like spikeball or cornhole.
A new cologne.
A nice wallet.
A speaker.

Sister: Women tend to want everything and all things expensive. Listed below are price-friendly ideas that she is bound to love.

New makeup or hair products.
New perfume.
Nail salon voucher for a manicure or pedicure.
A new purse or wallet.
A popsocket that has chapstick in it.
Anything Lululemon.
A weighted or heated blanket.
A new necklace, rings or blankets.
An oil diffuser.
Candles or bath bombs.

Boyfriend: Honestly, give him a hug; that is all he should want, but here are some ideas to surprise him.

Definitely sweatshirts, flannels, pants or vests.
Some cologne for both of your benefits.
New stuff for one of their hobbies, such as hunting, golfing, working out, etc.
A new set of tools.
An excellent electric razor.
A new video game or accessories for their console.
A chain or watch.
A fun surprise date or night away.
Scrapbook of your relationship.
A framed picture of you two.

Girlfriend: Letting you all in on a secret, I promise you she will say she does not want anything, but she really does. Do not let her fool you into getting her something; otherwise, she will be sad.

Flowers. This is the most straightforward and thoughtful gift she would love.
New makeup, hair products or skincare products.
A new perfume.
New clothes.
Nail salon voucher for a manicure or pedicure.
A new necklace, rings, earrings or bracelet.
A weighted or heated blanket.
A new purse or wallet.
A romantic handwritten letter.
A surprise date or vacation entirely planned by her partner.

Friend: The people closest to your life deserve a thoughtful present.

A basket of their favorite things, such as candles, blankets and snacks.
New stuff for one of their hobbies such as hunting, shopping, working out, plants, etc.
A new hat or belt.
A new phone case.
Coffee mugs or water bottles.
Little knick-knacks for their bedroom.
New jewelry or a chain.
Fun and cool socks.

As the holiday season approaches, get an idea of what you would like to give your loved ones before it is too late. Avoid the stress of shopping when the rest of the world does too. Remember that you are loved, so even something simple like a card with a simple message will suffice.